March 10, 2016

Street Construction on King Street, Millbrook, Ontario

Street Construction to commence
April 2nd, 2016

With the upcoming construction to King Street in Millbrook, Pastry Peddler will be narrowing  its focus in anticipation of decreased traffic to our Village. Our Spring menu will be available all day, though our dinners on Friday and Saturday evenings will be discontinued. We will, however, be open until 6 PM on Thursdays and Fridays PLUS you'll save 13% after 3 PM everyday.
(Not including alcohol) ( Effective April 1st....NO joke!!!!)

Always popular and successful, our monthly events, such as Dinner and Jazz, will continue as we have been told by our customers that "we'll get a little dirt on our shoes" for that! We're not going to mess with that kind of comittment and success!

When King Street is back open, the Peddler will be here...with hot coffee, fresh pastries and delectable goodies all around...since we haven't gone anywhere!


Deanna, Colin and the Peddler Crew